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Diu is known for its Portuguese architecture. Diu Fort was built in 1535. There are three Portuguese Baroque Churches. St. Paul's Church, St. Thomas Church and St. Francis of Assisi. The nearby Nagoa Beach is popular recreational area for parasailing, boating and jet skiling. Keeping Hotel Apaar as the accommodation point of your stay in Diu, you can take this opportunity to visit Sightseeings and Excursions of Diu. Diu one of India's undiscovered gems where the sand, sea and sky meet in harmony. Diu is a paradise of beaches located on the sea coast off the Gujarat coast, Diu is an erstwhile Portuguese colony that boasts of several historical monuments, churches, temples and other picturesque places that might be of interest to you during your sight seeing tours. Diu's biggest attraction, Load Shiva's Temple is located on the "Gangeshwar" coast and Panikota and Fort is at a walking distance from Hotel Apaar. Most of other sightseeings like churce of St. Francis, St. Paul Churce is also very near to Hotel Apaar.

Additionally, the high points are the Gir forests and the Somnath Temple that are at a comfortable driving distance from the resort. Horse-shoe shaped, the Nagoa Beach is by far the most famous beach in Diu.

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Diu Fort

Diu Fort is one of the popular historical place of diu. Among the places of tourist interest. It is an expansive and imposing structure, situated on the coast of the island. The fort commands a magnificent view of sea.
The fort is skirted by the Sea on the three sides. On the fort stands a giant Light House. Several canons still stare menacingly from top. The main front wall is having five huge windows with stone galleries. The Fort has been creatively lit, which creates a breath taking views at night.

Gangeshwar Temple, Diu

A very ancient Lord Shiva's Temple "Gangeshwar Temple" is located on the Gangeshwar coast. The gentle sea waves offering their obeisance to the "Shiva Lingas" in stone have a mystic aura around  them in the cave temple of Gangeshwar where the Lord makes his presence felt.

St. Paul Church, Diu

The church adorned with curiously treated volutes and shell - like motifs and the magnificent wood carving is considered to be the most elaborate of all the Portugese churches in India. St. Paul Church, built in 1691 is consecrated to our Lady of Immaculate Conception. In architectural style it resembles Bom Jesus Church at Goa. The dominant features are, no doubt, Gothic. The wood - panelling of the church is rated one of the best in church craftsmanship.

St. Thomas Church, Diu

The old St. Thomas Church has been converted into a museum which houses antique statues, various stone inscriptions of the earlier rulers, wooden carvings and idols, in evening, multicolored fountains and special lighting of the imposing building fascinate everyone.

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